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Offshore Homosassa 5-14-2016, checking out new spots, getting ready for June 1!

Barb and I loaded the boat for everything from trout to kingfish and left the dock @ 8:00. First stop was to anchor on some shallow (10') rock piles and see if we could chum up some cobia. We wore out 2 blocks of chum but no cobes showed up. We caught some big spanish, sea bass, and some nice trout to pass the time while waiting on the cobes to show up. The seas laid down by noon so we decided to see if we could troll up some kings in an area I've been wanting to check out. We ran out to 30' and put the plugs out. We immediatley got hits on both lines, not kings but nuisance grouper. We trolled for an hour or so had three double hookups and a total of 9 grouper, 5 of which were over 27 with the rest being short (under 24" new rule).

Barb got the two biggest while I hung most of the "shorts"

Barb's 30 incher

Barb's big fish of the day, 35" bruiser.

My nuisance grouper...

No kings so we stopped trolling, anchored up and put out the chum bags again and flat lined some blue runners.
Caught a few more spanish but no king activity so we packed it in about 3:30 and headed for the dock.

No grouper were seriously harmed in the making of this report, just sore mouths. Hope they stay put until June 1.


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