Hillsboro Inlet - 5/12/16 - Great day for Quantity,Quality and Variety

John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,865 Captain
Launched off the beach at 4:30am on a mission to catch live gogs for bait. Bait fishing was slow, by 615am I had only 3 live goggle-eye bait in the live well. As dawn approached stopped targeting gogs and began to look for runners. I scratched up 6 runners and began fishing around 7:45am. First bait was not out more than 15 minutes before it was hit - Boom ! It acted like a big King Mackeral from the very first signature long screeching run. 40 minutes later, I had a second nice king on the kayak, then the action slowed down. I jigged and trolled the rest of the morning to scratch out a bonito and a couple of small Almacos. In the Afternoon, the weak Sth current died, and a 1 knot Nth currrent picked up as did the fishing. By 4pm I was heading in. The days catch included 2 king mackeral, 1 Amberjack and a MahiMahi > 40”, 2 Blackfin tuna > 30” and a bunch of smaller Almacos, Bonito and Blackfin. The kings weighed 18 and 24lbs at Aces Bait and Tackle and estimate the catch brought to the beach to be North of 90lbs.

Double header on Almaco Jacks -- always nice to catch 2 fish on one drop of the jig !

The Captain America pants look pretty goofy, but being a survivor from melanoma, I find that they are the most comfortable form of sun protection which is more important than how they look.

I usually catch bigger blackfins on bait -- The above two wanted the jig.

I was reeling in what felt like a little tuna on the jig, and then suddenly the reel started singing and came to life. I had high hopes that a wahoo had gotten hooked attacking the tunny, but it turned out to be Mr. Amberjack instead.

The Mahi hit a live runner along a weedline that I was jigging in 280ft of water

When I could not fit all the fish in the fishbag, it was time to head in !


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