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Bimini Third trip the Charm!!!!!!

CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
After 6 rounds of west end and two of Bimini targeting wahoo this was gonna be a mixed bag trip... Thursday was supposed to be crossing day but 20-25kts from the NW had us slide down the beach to Lauderdale for an easier jump off spot on Friday... Dark o'clock we slid out and it was still bumpy... Got that side just before 10 and very quick customs clear had us back out and pulling plastic... Before I could set the whole spread big bait went down... Usually I catch marlin on that one but this first fish was a good hoo.
We picked a couple good dolphin after that then I could see pec fins and a tail zig zagging in... "White marlin right flat!" Gave a good account of its self, we got our hook back and sent her on her way... Trip was now already made!
More good dolphin, miss a big one and with a couple guests green from the rough conditions we pinned it to the pilings...

Saturday we were all fired up and good early start... Ten minutes out of the gate a small billfish (no specie ID) cleaned our clock on the rigger bait... It was slow for a couple more hours and a small blue started playing in the spread... Got our hearts pumping but wouldn't eat... We slid inside and collected a mixed bag of bottom goodies for dinner... Slid back out and continued dragging... I looked inshore and see RBDF lights and them stopping boats for paper inspections (I guess). A while later it was our turn... A blue marlin spread with tag lines is a whole lot of money and takes time to clear They were running right into my spread AND I HAD TO HIT THE BRAKES and let the spread sink so they wouldn't run over it. Needed to get a rigger lifted before they boarded as well... Meanwhile half the spread drifted into my running gear... They checked our papers, catch, and counted my bullets...Very polite but really kind of irritated me because they were right there when we pulled in and cleared the day before! I take it, that it was some kind of training run for new officers... They took off and I had to swim in 1250 feet of water to clear all my tackle from my gear! Too old for that stuff...
That killed over an hour and I had to take it to overtime to get a lone but good dolphin to make the day...

This morn was a later departure than usual... Got about half the spread set when big bait got drilled... Blue raced aft , right , left then started grey hounding at us! Finally got her to settle down and soon we had her for a clean release...
Now we figured that it doesn't get better than that. How does it get better than catching a blue on the way home? Ten miles later we answered that with a second one!!!! :)

We trolled to half way collecting another dolphin and a jumbo skipjack... Throttled up with three knots of stream to help us stuff the boat in Palm Beach in near record time (for that old girl)... :)


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