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Saturday at the Pass

Left Caxambas Pass ramp @ 6:55. Water temp 80.2f. Water was nice and clear at the ramp. Wanted to fish the beach but 2-3 foot rollers made it quite wobbly for me and the girlfriend. She did catch 2 hardhead cats. I threw topwaters for 20 minutes with no results. Went to a Yo-Zuri and hooked 3 ladyfish, lost all 3. Water was stained.

Went to the Morgan River and hooked 3 monster Jacks and lost them all. GF did catch a ladyfish and we kept it for chunking for reds. She caught a mini-mango (6") on a Spro bucktail. Water had color, but not bad.

Off to Blind Pass. Anchored in a cut w/ 12-feet depth. Threw topwaters, Yo-Zuri's and shrimp under a cork. Nothing.
Set-up a rod with chunk ladyfish. 5 minutes alter, it bends nicely! Only to have a 5-pound sailcat on the other end. New bait and 2 minutes later, rod bends again. An "expert" hook set on the 5/0 circle hook yields a 19-inch trout. Finally, a fish for the box. 30 more minutes of the same and nothing. Water got more turbid as the tide flowed out.

Back to an island where I've done well on trout w/ shrimp/cork combo. Nothing.
Started throwing shrimp into the mangroves and got 3 dink snapper. Put out another chunk of ladyfish and back to the snapper. Did get one @ 11-inches. Ladyfish rod bends, I set the hook and this fish goes left then right and then says "good bye"! 50 yard run and no slowing this guy. 30-pound Power Pro pops. Not sure is line was old, fish was big or I am just not good at this...........:huh
Ended the day with:
5 hardhead cats
5 mango's
1 trout @ 19"
1 ladyfish
4 jacks (one @ 5 pounds)
1 sheepshead
1 bonnethead shark (30")

Except for the wind, a "trash can slam" day for sure, but I'll be back, plying the waters of Caxambas Pass to Cape Romano in search of the piscatorial creatures that lurk in the waters!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • charlemagnecharlemagne Posts: 191 Officer
    Nice report! don't you hate when you get a big pull on some chunk ladyfish and its a sail cat!! hahaha.. I have had small one pound jacks out hoping for some big sharks or tarpon and a 2lb cat takes it... with half the jack sticking out of its mouth.. happens more frequently than I would like to admit.. LOL

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