I'd like to try shrimping this year. Can anyone give some pointers on tides & locations? I've never done it, but remember reading about it here before. I searched for Ozello Shrimper's info, but it seems to be all gone.


  • srqmynattsrqmynatt Posts: 257 Officer
    Starts getting good around this time. I shrimp once or twice on the south shore of Tampa Bay. are seem to be smaller.

    I would go to DeSota, wade the grass flats at low tide with a dip net and head lamp. It's a lot of work but fun as long as the nosums and skeeters aren't thick.
  • DeltasixDeltasix Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Pick a long outgoing tide that starts after the sun sets. Walk out onto the grass flats as the tide goes out. Usually you don't need to be any deeper than about knee level.
    A powerful head lamp is important. The shrimps eyes will glow red.
  • Slo Poke1Slo Poke1 Posts: 327 Deckhand
    I recall hearing about shrimping in Jacksonville area and they chum them with I think fish meal and use cast nets.
  • shempshemp Posts: 569 Officer
    Last 2 hours + the 1 hour tide change on any dusk/nighttime tide that will yield a negative low.

    Any flat that will be calf-deep or shallower at a negative low will have shrimp you can find

    flats w/ good tide or adjacent to passes will be best

    Size is variable, some flats have bigger/better shrimping than others, some just have bait shrimp. Get a powerful headlight (pay attention to lumens...70 and up will be a lot better) and as large & long a dip net (very fine mesh) as you can.

    I've never had 20# nights with 10 counts, but I usually pull enough for a couple meals, if conditions (calm seas preferred) cooperate.

    June is usually best, April-October there will be some shrimp out
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