Horrendous sight today.....

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One of my helpers and I were just unloading our gear in front of a clients house when we heard a laboring airplane engine and looked up and right over our heads flew a twin engine blue and white small plane way to close in a hard bank.
We said that don't look right and a second later it dropped behind a tree line and boom, a burst of flames and mushroom cloud.
We looked at each other in disbelief we then jumped into the truck grabbed a phone and called 911 while I speed around the block we pulled up and over a couple houses down from the fire that was starting on the roof of a house ran back and started yelling at the windows and doors for anybody to get out.
The smoke was thick and black with the smell of burning fiberglass. My helper ran for a hose and started to spray on the roof I was headed around back when the power lines to the house burned thru and fell to the ground arcing, I decided not to go that way, and went to the neighbors house. were two guys were helping, half dragging two men out front I helped lower them to the ground one complaining of back pain the girl stumbled out seconds later. From a van that stopped in front of the house moving blankets appeared we used to place under there heads. They looked as if they were in a plane crash shock,torn shredded clothing,bleeding, burnt flesh.
The younger man kept asking me how's my face? I told him your Alive and not to worry, but the skin of his face and arms was peeling off in a grey ashen color that I will never forget.
About that time a fireman showed up with a radio we told him the condition of the plane passengers and that no one was in the burning house.
The sirens were all coming, police and firefighters, paramedics so we loaded up to get the truck out off the way went back to the clients house got in and dove his boat.
This all happened less then a mile from the local airport. I have been under many a boat in that neighborhood and have wondered how they live there.
I can hear the planes underwater. I hope for a speedy recovery for those aboard that flight. I'm from a different generation so I don't think of the camera until after the reaction to the emergency, threat, or whatever I encounter. So no pictures but this. You wouldn't want to see the victims anyway.

Go Navy.....


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