CRB 4/23/16 - Double digit snook and a few reds

Went out with a buddy at first light, greeted with a steady wind that blew all day. First stop was near the channel to try and get bait. Chummed a bit, looked for birds, nothing really happening. Went out to one of the towers and eventually got in a good spot, and after a few good throws loaded the wells. Every single bait was threads (turned out to not matter much). Began hitting spots inside cockroach bay with a few snook here and there. Made our way near a spot I've had past success in and found very, very hungry fish. 2 casts from me and my buddy and we had our first double header of the day. We decided to anchor and see what else we might be able to pull out. Turned out to be a good call as we proceeded to catch around 20 snook in about an hrs time from an area no bigger then about 40 ft x 40 ft. One of the best days of snook fishing we have experienced. After literally wearing our arms out catching so many snook we kept venturing throughout the mangroves. As the day got hotter, we were able to find a few redfish hanging out in the trees. Caught a 17", 23", and a 19". Also missed one that looked about 23" or 24". Wrapped up the day with two keeper reds in the box, tired arms, and smiles on our faces. Another great day in Tampa Bay waters. :fishing


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