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Sugarloaf Key in June??

Heading to sugarloaf key second week in June. Have never fished in the keys before
and looking for a little guidance. Will be on the Atlantic side for the most part fishing from
shore and possibly a boat for a few days. Have fished a lot up around Venice for pompano,
trout and Snook but it seem species are a little different in the keys. Looking help with what
types of fish are in area that time of year and preferred baits/ lures. It's all different than the
Midwest but that's the good part! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Tight lines to everyone....


  • DogDocDogDoc Posts: 686 Officer
    Lots of options...one good place to start your search for info is the FAQ section of this Forum, and especially the archived posts...a review of those reposts will l give you a good idea on what/where/how, etc.
    Your specific location will influence the options..if you're mobile there are many bridges to consider. If you do have a boat that opens up may other options.
    As you'll see as you look at some posts, hiring a guide for the start of your trip will not be much more expensive than renting a boat, and would really shorten the learning curve.
    Holler back as you look at the info and let us know your thoughts/questions.
  • LmtrainLmtrain Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the reply, after using the search tool and the Faq section I think most
    of my questions are answered. Thanks again
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