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Let Me Build You A Rod

I purchased a package deal on some seeker Rod blanks and I have 4 blanks that are too heavy for anything I do out here in Arizona. I had planned on building them and just selling them but I thought I'd offer a chance for custom builds for a decent price. I have 4 blanks to build. 1 seeker ctsf55xxxh and 3 seeker ctsf55xxh. I know what the blanks cost but I just such a good deal I want to pass it on. Im a pretty fresh Rod builder but I do have the skills and experience to build these. I want to offer custom builds on these 4 rods. I'm offering not to charge for the cost of the blanks. I figured I'd charge you whatever the components cost me and $150-$200 to build them depending on what you want. I have a lot ideas for these rods but I really would love to build these for people and get the practice under my belt. If you are interested in this or what I can build or any questions at all you can pm me on here or message me at 928-592-7570 or email me at [email protected]
Thank You for your time


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