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TV ower base jumper identified

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The body of a man who parachuted off a 2,000 foot TV tower in South Georgia was recovered Thursday morning.

Brandon Jackson, 37, was a retired Master Sergeant from the US Army. His family members reside in Michigan, however Jackson’s last known address was Hawaii.

His parachute was found deployed, in a tree, and his body was on the ground. Captain Steve Jones says the sheriff's office got a call around 3:00AM, after Tom Baker and Miles Daisher couldn't find Jackson. They had been searching for almost an hour with no results.

Officers were able to get to the body with the help of nearby neighbors who lent ATVs, so investigators could search the rugged terrain.

"It appeared that he had come through some trees," Captain Steve Jones. "The 'chute was still attached, the harness was still attached and he had fallen all the way to the ground with the shoot still up in the trees.

The circumstances of how the jumper died are still under investigation.
WTLH's 2,000 foot tall tower is one of the tallest structures in Georgia
(WALB photo)

Two men with him, Tom Baker, 26 and Miles Daisher, 46, were arrested for criminal trespass on the WTLH's transmitter property.

Daisher's website says: "Miles has been a professional parachutist since falling in love with canopies in 1995. He is a member of the Red Bull Air Force, a specialized team of expert pilots. Miles is experienced in demonstration jumps, Hollywood stunts, coaching, motivational speaking and aerial camera work."



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