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Cobia, Dolphin, Grouper, Mutton, etc.

I had a couple friends come down for the boat show and they wanted to go fishing. Being that my kayak cannot fit three people, we hired Dave Kostyo to take us out along with forum member Yak_Angler. Bait was slow in coming but we were able to net enough chummer pilchards and sabiki a few dozen threadfins and headed out of Government Cut. We deployed the kites for sails. None showed but a bunch of decent schoolie phins came by which kept up busy with a Chinese fire drill for 20 mins or so. A couple of gaffers blew by but were not interested. Being a die hard vertical jigger, I busted out my trevala. While showing my buddy Jason how to work the jig a short AJ hits. We released him and I gave my buddy the rod. On his third drop he hooks up with a 25# AJ for the smoker. I get the rod back and after a cut off and snake king I bring up an 11# grouper. Handed over the rod and my buddy jigs up a 7# mutton. With about 15mins or so left in the day, I get hit hard on the jig near the bottom. I’m thinking another AJ or a big grouper, much to my surprise a 36# cobia comes up. While I was fighting the cobia, a kite rod goes off with a 4' shark which Yak_Angler brought boatside and released. All in all, a great day on the water. I don’t know how we can top this trip next year when they come down.





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