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PC offshore 3/24

Ran east again on thursday with good buddies Andy and Larold. Snotty seas. Almost pulled the plug on the trip before we left the house. Checked the buoy at 0500 to find 3.5 at 5 sec. Sounded pretty terrible, but im not to smart, so we headed to the port. Found seas as predicted and proceeded to get the snot beat out of us for 30+ miles at 15 knots out to the cones. It was 2 hours of sheer crap. Seas were very confused and the sky was a little overcast, so no apparent color change or temp spike was noted like the week before. Blind trolled to the north to make the ride a little more bearable. Ended up finding 4 free swimmers 2 of which were very nice fish. Glad we sacked up and battled the chop. Had a good following sea on the way home for a nice 28 knot ride home.


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