Solid First Ten Days

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The turkey season and limits in our game zone here in SC have changed...instead of April 1-May 1, we now have a March 20 to May 5 season. So far, ten days into it, I think I like the new plan.
I'm used to the Gobblers ignoring me because they are surrounded by hens who are eager to be bred. Whether it's the earlier season or not, most of the hens I've seen have been ignoring the toms.

The result of this is that the Toms have appreciated my willingness to talk with them. I was fortunate to get my two-bird club limit the first two days I hunted, both good birds called away from hens that had paid them no attention.

Saturday I took one of my sons back to our club where I had harvested one of my birds, and we found ourselves in the middle of a dozen or so birds yelping and gobbling. One tom hung up strutting at 60 yards, then chased off another even larger gobbler before resuming his strutting. While we were waiting for him to finally commit, two hens walked by on our right followed by yet another desperate strutter. David shot him at 30 yards. 21 pounds, 11" beard and 1-1/8" spurs

Back at our 30 acre home place this morning, my other son joined me looking for the tom I had videoed from the front porch last week. A half-dozen yelps into the hunt, we got an answer from our left, and a few minutes later the gobbler stepped out from behind a big white oak into the pasture. We got some great strutting video before Hunter took him at 40 yards. 22 pounds, a thick 11-1/2" beard, and 1-1/4" spurs. Only his third turkey, but his second one in as many years from our front yard.

Four toms in five hunts, and some great mornings with my boys!

I think you'll agree that Hunter's smile says it all.


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