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Water softener question.

We live in Mandarin and my wife was asking about us getting a water softener some day. I just started looking around at prices and such. Figured I would ask on here if anyone has gotten a water softener installed in their home, recommendations on who to use and what I may be looking at paying.

Thank you.



  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
    I have one out in our pump house. Our iron is not super bad so got one of the $400 jobs from Sears. It did well for a while and eventually started to have all types of problems. Eventually after a dozen visits to fix it, I got them to replace it. It was a lemon. The new one has worked great. Eventually I did add a Iron filter in front of it. Water has been fine now.

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  • knotenoughknotenough Posts: 936 Officer
    I also am in mandarin and have a softner installed. A lifelong friend owns his own company. Fritton water. Give him a call and tell him stephen gave you his number. 904-879-1781. The softener is awesome!!
  • MaysportMaysport Posts: 222 Deckhand
    If you are on JEA water, you will not need iron remover as the deep Floridan well source water does not have any significant amount.

    The common water softeners use salt to regenerate the resin. This can put a little extra sodium in the drinking water. Those who have a health concern or medical reason to limit the sodium can look for other softeners that use potassium chloride or other minerals to regenerate instead of salt. Kinetico is one brand that makes softeners that does not use sodium chloride (salt).

    The water hardness in Mandarin can vary from ~190-360 mg/l, depending on which water plant serves you. Most of Mandarin is served by either the Community Hall or Brierwood plant, and you can check the JEA water quality report for an approximate level: https://www.jea.com/About/Water_Supply/2014_Water_Quality_Report.aspx

    The company quoting you can do a quick check of hardness level at your house. Get a softener that has a metering system to regenerate based on the actual amount of water flowing through it, not just a simple timeclock, to be more efficient. Be aware there will be some pressure drop in your house downstream of the softener. Many complaints about poor system pressure are actually because the house's water softener has a clog or something that is restricting flow, not the available pressure.
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