WTS/TT ROD & REELS (Custmzed Accurate, Avet, Smith, Phenix, Seven Seas)

Text for pictures.

1) Avet HXJ Raptor w/450 yards of Daiwa 80lb Braid. $415 shipped.

2) Customized Accurate BX600L (lefty) w/black custom Accurate Power handle and sealed AR bearing (seals prevent AR bearing failures) from Triangle Tackle. It is spooled with 125 yards of JBHC100 spliced to 450 yards 80lb Daiwa Braid. Just found I really prefer right hand reels much more. This actually one of my favorite reels. Will trade for righty Accurate 600 (2 speed) plus cash from my side. $415 shipped.

3) Smith AMJ 52ex Acid Wrap custom by JPR. Pe5-8. 400g Max. jig (sweet spot is 175-300g) for $385 shipped.

4)Seven Seas Kihoku Tuna Custom. 8'. Pe5-6. Recommended 70g. I usually use 40-90g. OFF THE MARKET

5)Custom Spiral Wrap Phenix Megladon 250-400g. PE6-8. SOLD. Very similar action to JM 3 Kings rod.

6)Smith AMJ 52ex spinning Rod. Customized thick grip and new color (ocean blue) rewrapped guides. OFF THE MARKET

Will trade any of the above for the following: Shimano Talica 25II, Daiwa Catalina 5k (HG/LG), Accurate 600 two speed, JM reels.

Text 832-691-5976


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