Stuart Permit Hunt - 3/19/16

My good friend Adam (KurtinKall) called me this morning asking what I was up to. We agreed after I grabbed a haircut that we'd meet at Pirate's Cove and head out to try and nab him his very first permit. We shoved off at 11am with high hopes and 15 frisky permit lollypops, but the clouds were already forming up before we broke the inlet. Always loving a challenge, we pressed on and I headed to a consistent spot that I've found permit at the past few years.

By the time we got to the spot it was choppy and less than idea for what we were looking to do. Although the water was clean, the conditions were overcast at best with a 3' chop and a 1.8 knot current fighting us. We still kept our focus, and we were marking permit on our spot on the very first pass we made over it.


We set up and had a fish pick up our bait just a couple minutes into the drift... then the rain began with the lovely sound of lightning clapping around us for good measure. Despite crappy conditions, Adam did a great job fighting this fish, and after a minute or so of a slow steady run this permit realized it was in deep caca and headed for the hills in high gear screaming line off like it was going out of style.


I chased it with the boat getting right on top of it rather quickly, but the bull sharks were a little more efficient than we were and beat us to the prize. Poof... GONE! Adam was bummed as this was his first permit battle, but he knows how it goes.

I've grown used to this behavior with the local sharks, so we went back to our numbers and got right back to it. I located the school again, and we reset our baits for a few minutes before we got picked up again with a solid bite. Adam set up and headed right to the bow so I could quickly run up on this fish. Before I even got there, this fish popped up on top and showed itself as a nice cobia. As soon as we saw it hit the surface, we watched two bull sharks detonate on our cobe like a bomb, literally running into each other on the surface trying to eat our cobia. Someone up above was looking out for us and we watched our fish dart away from the sharks in a last ditch effort to save his own a$$. He made the mistake of popping up next to us on our starboard side and I matched the boat speed with his before running up to the bow with the gaff and making a lucky hail-Mary shot into his gills. BOOM, into the boat without a scratch from the sharks. A high five and we were just cracking up at our luck and good fortune. This was Adam's largest cobia to date, and I was shocked we got it considering we were using no leader at all and 20 lb mono straight to the hook.

While we didn't get our target species to the boat, we felt fortunate to get a great dinner into the box despite crappy weather, lightning, hungry sharks, and generally poor conditions. It's all about making the best of the day no matter what life tosses at you.

Congrats my friend, and GREAT JOB on the rod!



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