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Horny Toad Morning Sesh

I think I'm gonna be stickin with freshwater for a while for obvious reasons.. Picked me up a couple packs of ZOOM Horny Toads the other day.. Finally got to give em a shot this morning.. Smoked the bass numbers wise but yet again, lacking in the size department.. I think the big one might go 4lbs? If that... Caught at least 40 fish altogether but most were 1lb or smaller dinks.. They were busting topwater from 7am to 12pm when I left.. Lost a really nice one.. Watched him come up behind that toad and eat it with a mouth I could have fit a **** gallon paint can in.. He went down into the eelgrass and shook the hook somehow.. Thought I still had him but I was hooked up on the grass.. ****! Still fun though, kept a bent rod all morning and it was another great learning experience for a freshwater noob... I cut out pretty early because the gators were being extremely terretorial on the grass beds.. I also had one come off the bank in a narrow canal and **** near put himself in my yak.. A good 10 footer or better.. By the time I saw him on the bank it was too late.. All I saw was that giant head and big **** cheeks.. Unfortunately kayaks don't have brakes and it was a close call! Took that as a sign and called it a day..








Diggin the Horny Toad.. It's a killer plastic..


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