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anyone living or own a slab in the outdoor resorts of chokoloskee, how about the good and bad of owning a place there thanks.


  • Gary S. ColecchioGary S. Colecchio Posts: 24,922 AG
    I have many friends there and have spent a lot of time living in the tin over the past 15 years.

    Its a great place. Very clean, well kept and has a great sense of community. The launching facility is more than adequate and well maintained. If you want more details, please contact me.
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  • snooknomoresnooknomore Posts: 708 Officer
    hey thanks we lived in parkway for 10 years but got sick had to move back to Orlando, now am looking for a place in chokoloskee to set up a 5th wheel for most of the year there and take it to the keys a couple of months out of the year. been through outdoor many time on bike. am also thinking of chokoloskee island park but there was a lot of noise coming from there when we lived in parkway.
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