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Old dad bagged a good one this morning!

GlennGlenn GeorgiaPosts: 1,737 Captain
Dad and I had a quota hunt that began on Thursday and runs through this Sunday. We went Thursday morning and found lots of gobbling birds, but between a "Goober" scaring of one tom at daylight and the rest being tight lipped we called it a day.

Friday and Saturday have been a wash for me as I had to prepare some hunting video footage for a prospective employer. So at 8:30am this morning I get a text from my dad with a selfie pic of him and a dad bird. Needless to say I'm tickled to death for him as it was a text book hunt with multiple birds working for him.

Bird was big and we weighed him on a fish scale and he went 20lbs....10 3/4" beard and 1 1/8" spurs. He was a bit rough looking from the rain etc...

My dad said he was able to setup about 70 yards from him on the roost and the bird stayed in the tree till 8:00 am. Once he dropped out of the tree like batman it took him about 20 mins to get within range of my dad.

Old pop laid him out at 25 yards with his Mossberg 500...

We will be heading back tomorrow in hopes the other one will play for me...:)

26030649806_a982670b25_z.jpgIMG_8524 by Glenn Whittington, on Flickr

25964034042_416dbcf102_z.jpgIMG_8530 by Glenn Whittington, on Flickr

25453997383_c1f0b819f6_z.jpgIMG_8539 by Glenn Whittington, on Flickr

25964024362_2ce378382f_z.jpgIMG_8556 by Glenn Whittington, on Flickr


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