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Fish are chewing!

Fish have been chewing hard this last week, been getting out every afternoon that I can. Bait is everywhere in the creeks and it's not very hot yet great time to fish.

It's Alexis's birthday this week so we went out for a jetty session with Steve and had an amazing time! He put us on the fish, first hook up was a ray that came off a few yards from the boat, good warm up for the next taker a nice sized sandbar shark. First time I've seen a shark caught on a crab, Alexis had fun fighting it glad she got to see it for a second before it dove again and broke the line. After weeding through a few monster toadfish we finally got the real subtle tap Steve was looking for, glad he was cause I didn't notice anything then he tightened up and drag squeeled, drum on!! Alexis landed the first one, her biggest fish yet! I wrenched up the next couple slime balls and then we decided to give the arms a break and move inshore, found a few trout and reds to close out the trip.

At the marina the next boat over had put a hurting on some sheepshead so I decided to drop my boat in and round up some convicts. Buddy met me at the oak harbor ramp and we managed to put a few in the cooler for fish tacos.

Since then been targeting the reds working on my 321fish tourney entries, caught a lot of reds but most have them have been overslot or spotless.... Yesterday evening got on a bunch of them but they were feeding on the small shrimp and hard to convince to bite, finally stuck a nice on on topwater, 25 inches 3 spots not first but a better fish for me, wait where is my token..... In the hobie.... Should I bring the red home? Already have a flounder in the box so might as well.... Nah not for just a few bucks and the flounder was more than enough for dinner. Going to be really kicking myself if I get bumped out of the money for letting this one go.... Printed up a few more tokens so don't have to worry about moving it between the boat and yak!!!

Speaking of which the PA is still yet to be slimed but I have been making her my own, pickup up the anchor trolley, a visicarbon light, and figuring out my crate/livewell options.

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