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Help finding/catching mullet

I would love to net some mullet for bait. However it seems that all of the mullet I see are either in deep water canals where it would basically just be blind casting the net with little hope of actually catching enough for bait before my arms fall off or in uber shallow water around oyster beds which would destroy a net in no time (not to mention they are tough to sneak up on there too).

Any guidance on how to find enough of these critters to net for bait on a regular basis in places that wouldn't destroy my net would be very much appreciated! Not looking for specific favorite bait holes (of course if you are in a really giving mood and want to share via PM that would be awesome!) so much as just some clues as to how to find the places where they hang out on my own.

TIA for any help.

oops - just realized this post is in the wrong place....



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