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Retired......NO!......just down to one job!!!!

Somebody asked......so here is the answer.

After almost 40 years sold the fish markets, to a good guy ( Mike Eddy ) who will do what we were not able to, move it to the next level. He's a ex-swordfisherman and straight up, will not do anything unethical.

As for what now?

Been working two jobs for near on 7 years, and at almost 60 a decision had to be made. The job that won out is the one without 35 employees! Mind you I am not saying in any way that the folks that worked for us were not great. Fact is they were the reason we succeeded, and Mike kept every one.......because he realized that.

So now......now we're down to just the tree farm. And as with the fishmarket we are hands on.

Also kept the captains license current ( NO! I am not taking any of you gator hunting!! ) so we can use that as a way to donate to charities.

Tree farm is here www.benandlouann.com ....................

And if you've a need for a trip down the river, or a tour of a working silviculture operation for a good CHARITY......contact us.

One last thing.....for now................: Government is not the friend of small business!! Remember that!! Never lose sight of the fact that Big Business loves regulation and gets in bed with Big Government as a way to use regulation to strangle small business.

I lied........one more thing. And this is something to keep in mind when you see the Hollywood shows about business owners. Louann and I have been married 38 years and in those 38 years until we sold the business we had had exactly TWO, yes TWO times when we'd had more than 5 days in a row off together. And one of those times was 7 days spent in fire school with the Florida Forest Service and Hillsborough College. Not saying we did not take the 3-4 day stints fishing and hunting but rather that the picture Hollywood paints of business owners and what it takes for those of us who are not really smart, for those of us who constitute the VAST MAJORITY of small business owners in this country, for those of us who get there by sheer persistence.....well that picture is WRONG. And I've the two reconstructed shoulders and the scar from back surgery to prove it.


  • dilligaf84dilligaf84 Posts: 876 Officer
    Congrats Ben! Bout time you settle down a bit!
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,500 Admiral
    Here, here Ben....agree 100% on the regulatory crap!!

    And your assessment is spot on. I am also in a family business, working tirelessly with my Dad and two other brothers that my grandmother started 60 years ago....as of this year..

    Extended days off are precious and few, indeed.

    Congrats on your semi-retirement !!

    .....I have a feeling you'll stay plenty busy though....:hail
  • plumber1969plumber1969 Posts: 307 Deckhand
    Glad you can start to slow down. As I have said on this forum many of times, I did not buy fish often but when I did it was from your market on 17. Good luck to you in your tree farm and please lets hope for a better gator season this year. By the way, nowhere in the bible will you find the word retire, keep going as long as you can and help as many as you can.
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  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,404 Captain
  • tagtag Posts: 8,860 Admiral
    You had the market on 17 in OP? That is the only place I buy fish.
  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,198 Officer
    Congrats and spot on advice as always. Owning a business is awesome until you realize there is no time off.
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 11,119 AG
    Good luck with your semi retirement!

    29 years we have owned our business and can count on one hand the times my wife and I got time off together, like you most of that was business related but we got a couple of days out of the deal.
    In 5 years I will be 60 and plan on selling out part of our business and going part time.

    Again, enjoy!
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • JohnHJohnH Posts: 105 Officer
    As others have said the store on 17 has always been our go-to place for fresh seafood.
    Question: Do you know if the new owner plans to post on the forum to keep us straight when the misinformation starts flying?
    I hope he does.
  • PangamanPangaman Posts: 784 Officer
    Hope they don't change anything at the market. I buy all my seafood there at your store on San Jose that I don't catch myself. Good luck with your semi retirement.
  • BakermanBakerman Posts: 1,222 Officer
    Yes. But I worked corporate management. I rarely took all my vacation because projects didn't run that way, or some other reason..........

    However, if you think retirement is a picnic just wait. I've been working five days a week and not getting paid for it.......but I ain't working that hard and I don't drive rush hour, etc. Good luck to you.
    Bakerman formerly known as Bakerman.
  • Reel Mayhem TooReel Mayhem Too Posts: 1,332 Officer
    Happy semi retirement Ben !
  • Reel Mayhem TooReel Mayhem Too Posts: 1,332 Officer
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