Alsdorf ramp

Hello all. Just a general fyi. I keep the tag for my trailer in the truck. Had issues with it being stolen in the past. Be sure to keep it on display - got ticketed 35$ for no tag a weekend back. I wasn't the only one with a ticket on my windshield, not sure what the other ones were for.


  • MH79MH79 Posts: 503 Officer
    That sucks man. I don't mean to offend anybody that is from down here but Alsdorf kind of stinks. I guess I've been spoiled by Phil Foster and Burnt Reynolds up in PBC, but you don't have a lot of options in north Broward. You can't get an annual permit at Alsdorf, there are no cleats on the dock to tie off to and they don't even have cleaning tables there? Don't get me wrong, at least there isn't a bunch of riff raff begging you for money at Alsdorf which is nice and they have a lot of ramps to launch from but I think having to pay $10 every time you launch and not even having cleaning tables is a head scratcher.
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    You could use 15th St @ $2 per hour & use the fanciest yet most poorly designed table in the county!
  • seaplusplusseaplusplus Posts: 137 Deckhand
    Alsdorf may not be the best ramp out there, but the shorter drive convenience for me outweighs the negatives. And occasionally there is a good show (of which I sometimes contribute to).

    just wanted to share that parking enforcement is actually patrolling, hoping to save someone else from having to pay 'extra' parking charges.
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,832 Captain
    Never had a problem at Alsdorf leave my truck and
    trailer when we go to West End. I always use Lloyds
    park for day trips.But they changed there rates when
    your yearly pass expires your new pass will not cover
    ramps will be an extra 9 dollars per launch.Oh well
    was a good deal for many years.
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