Miamimuttonman Report 3/25/16 Mutton bite

I went out again, This time with my son Miamimuttonman JR and a good friend Argilio. I had to cancel the customer bc it was rough, till noon then dropping , so we left the house around 11:am and our plan was to go out slow and get to a spot and start catching hoos, then go deep after the ocean dropped. Our plan worked out we got our ballyhoos and started heading to the mutton spot. Dropped my first baits down and my friend gets the first mutton, followed by my son that had a bigger one, then it was my turn and i caught a mufffin,on my first bait and on the second i hooked up to a nice mutton, that i really enjoyed battling to the surface, after we got a few more and a couple of porgys, we decided it was time, to go try another spot, where i picked up 7 yellowtails and we caught another couple of muttons and called it a day, just as the sun was starting to fade.. A friend was also out there and caught three nice muttons, here are the pics, Happy Easter and Tight lines for videos of the action check out 6D6E55DD-43D0-4F3F-9301-0476331CA148_zpsenfsnouj.pngC4CA99F1-D134-492B-BEEF-92757F0D2241_zpsbpbbupdx.jpg77B85D1D-9897-4AD4-B9BC-431C7754916D_zpsqhrxfpux.jpg5977D498-428E-4913-B3F4-20278949A38C_zpspzjhw17m.jpg8B96F2E6-A134-49A2-BF0E-44A408CC6F50_zps2a417gzb.jpgIMG_1940_zps54h28dsl.pngIMG_1899_zps6fqvscza.pngB1DB269B-4100-40BC-A43E-21D537CE5AAA_zpsm5uxknab.jpgDAE58475-B5E9-4219-B8D4-BCAA171CC541_zpsod5npbcn.jpg


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