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Surf Report Saturday - Where you at Flattie?

Clean water, no current, sand perch invasion is all I can say. Little suckers were on your bait instantly. Managed three whiting before the rain. Were'd the pomps go Flattie?


  • Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,762 Captain
    Where did you fish? The water here in NB was very dirty. The other day, we also got eaten alive by sand perch.

  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,198 Officer
    South Jax Beach at sunrise.
  • birdsongbirdsong Posts: 26 Deckhand
    Same here. Fished the surf at NB/JB line after the rain. Sand perch mostly. Couple of small sharks. Got tired of the sand perch, so I cut one of them up. Threw a big chunk of perch out there hoping to start a fight with a shark. Ended up catching a big ol' bluefish. Threw him back and called it a day.
  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,198 Officer
    **** perches! At least you took revenge on one LOL.
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,500 Admiral
    I don't feel so bad then.....

    I fished guana after the rains Saturday...from noon till 3:30.....first cast was a fat 17 inch whiting....figured I was gonna get em good.

    Ended up catching a few more small whiting, but I knew there was some fishes down there stealing my bait....so I resorted to casting out and holding the rod, and like the OP said small perch right away...

    I fed one to the birds...lol

    Wife wanted me to go to church with her so I told her to grab me a shirt and some jeans and meet me at a gas station...where I changed, and "rinsed off".....

    Still can't figure out why we had the whole pew to ourselves....:willynilly
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