Terez Waxwing with the silver metal guide wraps

JoeyHotFizzleJoeyHotFizzle Posts: 225 Officer
Hello just trying to find guidance here as I've sent a message on your website about a week ago regarding this issue and have not received a response yet. I have a 7'2" Terez Waxwing MH that I bought approximately three years ago. Used maybe three times and ever since had been sitting in the rod rack. I thoroughly wash it with freshly water and wiped dry after each use. I pulled it out about a week ago to see how it balances with either my 4K CI4+ and my 6000 Saragossa SW for yellow tail fishing in the Keys and noticed that where the metal guides would meet the guide foot were rusting. This is inside the coat the your company used and I don't a reason that saltwater could've seeped in since it is sealed.

Would this be covered under warrant? I have been doing some research and it seems like this is the reason you started using the black wraps instead of the metallic ones.

I also have two 7'0" Terez Waxwings MH that I've paired with 8K Saragosa SW's that I mainly use for bottom fishing and casting flat fall jigs to schoolie blackfins here in the key. These have the black wraps but I also noticed rust starting to build up on the guide foot just before the black wrap starts. I'm very meticulous with my equipment and love all six of my Ci4+ and 3 of my Saragossa SW's that I've owned ever since they came out but not to impress with these Terez rods. I'm worried that the rust under the flex coat will eventually eat through.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Here's my little collection:


  • FishShimanoFishShimano Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Hey Joseph- Nice looking collection! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I don't personally handle warranty/repair claims but if you contact our customer service department, they'll be able to offer the best advice and solutions. 877-577-0600
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