Maiden voyage, to West End, on "Rum 'N Gun"

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Finally finished rigging my new boat, Contender 35ST, for our first fishing trip. I have decided to name her "Rum 'N Gun". We broke the LW Inlet at 6:00 am last Saturday headed for West End. With wahoo and muttons on our mind, the throttles were pushed further. We arrived at OBB while CJ was opening up his office. As usual he greeted us with a smile and asked "how was your crossing". It was a bit choppy, I said, however the boat ate it up.

We set up our HST just north of Sandy and were amazed at the comfort and control of this boat. After about an hour of no love, we decided to run up north of Memory. Within about 10 minutes of trolling the long starboard reel starts screaming, rod is bent over double, and all the wire is off the reel leaving only about 50 yards of the backing.
I was worried that the wire to mono connection would break, fortunately we remained tight and after about 15 minutes we slid that wahoo thru the transom door and the congratulations began. We set up again, same area, and boated another fish. Expecting the bite to really turn on, it turned off just as fast as it started.

We checked the weather, and noticed that front was now traveling 50-60 mph directly towards us. Thanks Garmin!
We all agreed, at the same time, to pull the lines in and head back home. Just as we cleared the LW Inlet we got hit with a huge drop in temp, heavy rain and wind.

Although we had to cut our trip short, I was very pleased with the boat and fishing. Looking forward to doing that again and taking the boat to Spanish Wells next month :-)
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