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Beach fishing

I would like to get into beach fishing and was wondering if i can fish with my trout rods (6' rods light/med. action with 15lb braid). What is biting along the beach this time of year. Can i cast net bait. What rigs do you guys use. Best beaches or areas to fish. thanks in advance.


  • B. GravesB. Graves Posts: 45 Deckhand
    I rarely fish at the beach (most of the time I catch more of a buzz than any fish) but when I do I use my inshore light tackle. 7'-7'7" medium rods mostly and 10lb braid. I usually use pompano rigs and catch a variety of stuff. Mostly whiting or pompano though. I have caught several reds and black drum out there too. Find any part of the beach that isnt crowded. You could probably do a search and find much more and better info btw.
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