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Map recommendation for this area?

Can anyone recommend some charts/maps that i should have for southwest Florida area fishing? Mostly from sanibel to Marco Island but may range into 10k islands also. Backwater and close offshore spots. Something with fishing spots and boat navigation... Anything like this that you feel is a must have for someone learning the area. Inshore, nearshore.
I know most locators will have this, but I like a hard copy of a map to plan out different excursions and stuff.
I love the fishing around here so much that i may be moving my little family here in a year or so. In the mean time spending more and longer trips to learn the area better. I have some areas that I love to fish from shore but soon hopefully I'll have a decent little boat set up down there. I also really like to kayak fish. Mostly inshore but wouldn't mind paddling out a couple miles to get different species from my kayak.


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