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3/5/16 Out of Wiggins Pass

Saturday headed out of Wiggins about 730. Were a bit late out due to the ridiculously low tide that was nowhere near what the prediction was. It must have been about a foot off and an hour later than the prediction, but it is what it is. Tried to sabiki some bait near the channel marker, were marking bait but nothing biting. Had plenty of live shrimp and frozen bait, so we plugged in the waypoint and put it on autopilot to where we fished last outing. Seas were way off what the prediction was. Called for 2ft seas which ended up being more like 5ft with some really confused chop. Quite a fun ride lol. Anyways got to the spot about 930 and did a bit of drifting. Immediately got bit and pulled up a nice mangrove. So we did another pass to check it out and the came back to set up and anchor. Started a chum slick and the screen really lit up. Threw out some shrimp on freeline and wham we were on. First got a couple more mangrove and then I was into the yellowtail. One freeline got hit hard by something and my buddy worked it around the boat three times until it gave up. 36in AJ on a 7ft rod and 3000 series Penn Battle II with 20# flouro and a #1 owner hook! We continued to work it like that and then the tide changed, and it died down. Decided to make a move, we drifted a few more spots and nothing really happened. Decided to hit one more spot on the way in, anchored and the screen looked fantastic. Got plenty of hits on freeline, but mr jewfish was hungry and wouldnt let us bring in any more meat. Tried to keep him occupied for a bit on a big rod, but he made his way into some structure and cut the line. Decided to make the long ride home after that. We were in by 5. Got a pic this time for the record.


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