Offshore 3/19 - 20 miles West of Fort Desoto

Woke up to a worst forecast, 60% chance of rain with 0% one hour, 90% another, basically showing the weatherman didn't know what the heck was going to happen so we decided to go ahead and go out. Launched at Fort Desoto right about 7AM, before the sun came out, and started by hitting the tripod for bait. About 5 throws of the net and we had a decent amount of greenbacks and about 3 dozen croakers. Ran out 2 miles and Sabiki'ed about 3 dozen pinfish and off we went.

Since the seas were forecasted for 1-2 ft, we were planning on running 36 miles SW to a new area to try, but of course it was probably 3ft+ so we stopped at 20 miles at I spot I was told hold some Mango's.

First anchor - Had my buddy throw the chum cage down, and he decided to throw the line with it, so no more chum. We were not on the spot, so used the better heading and re-anchored on a spot about 100 ft away. A few of my buddies were using 3-4 ounce weights and larger hooks, pretty standard offshore gear - But I decided to try a 1/4 oz jig head on a rod I had about 25 feet of 20lb floro leader on, and first bait down, 16 inch Mango before it even hit the bottom. This was the start to a Mango clinic I put on for them over about 1 hour. At the end of the hour, we had 26 mangos in the box between 4 guys - about 20 of which were caught by my on the jig head and 20lb floro.

One of my buddies finally caught on and decided to tie a jig head on, to late, as he was tying a storm came through at about 30mph+ and was started dropping buckets on us so we headed in.

Tough with the torrential rain, but the best Mango bite I have ever been on. All mid water column hits, all with no chum (Thanks to my buddy).

Sorry, no pictures - I was to soaked to pull the phone out.


  • SouthshoreSlayerSouthshoreSlayer Posts: 408 Deckhand
    Nice work. I was Captain Gunter's mate today throwing the net by yall. Our clients wanted to try for Grouper but it was blowing too much to drift the spots. We dropped the hook but only a few shorts.

    We changed plans for Snapper but only got 20 minutes in before the storm hit. There were some pigs out there too. Sucks being cut short because of the weather.
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