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Low Sodium Action

Haven't posted in a while.. Haven't fished in a while.. Haven't been in the salt in over a month.. Yep there's still fish out there of course but I have no desire to even see it in that state.. So two weeks ago I decided to start bass fishing.. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been freshwater fishing in my adult life but with a trashed lagoon it seemed like a natural option..

My first few trips were pretty productive but the fish really left a lot to be desired in the size department.. Went out this afternoon and finally put a couple halfway decent ones on deck plus way too many dinks to count.. No mega monsters but some decent fish and I feel like I am starting getting the hang of it.. It's like snook fishing, with different scenery and a hell of a lot more gators lol..







They were hitting 8" MrWiffelure Plubber Worms and ZOOM speed worms burned fast on the top over submerged vegetation.. Awesome seeing them slurp the worms off the top!


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