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03-17-16 Ponce Inlet Hoo and Friends

Left the ramp at 7:45am headed due east. Water temp steady at 74.5 degrees. Nothing fishy... no weeds, no flyers. Decided to put out lines and blind troll in 170 ft. Letting the first two lines drop back and one of them didn't sound like the other and started burning the thumb. 30# wahoo in the box by 9:15am.

Worked that area a couple times with no luck so headed east with nothing fishy with any weeds or bait showing. Finally hit the edge of the gulf stream and temp break at 230 feet and boated a nice 25# bull dolphin.

Several other boats showed up and all were working the edge of the gulf stream. Tons of flyers the rest of the day and some scattered weeds. Temp break was 74 to 77 degrees and we kept working it and landed one more 20# cow in about 250 feet. Action was basically fish on... 25 minutes fighting boating and rerigging. 20-30 minutes and then fish on then quiet around noon. Had one four foot shark hit a trolling rig for the first time in the rotation. Iland blue and pink had the hot hand which caught all of the fish. Had blue/white, red/black, blue/green out with no action at all.

Headed back in with some chop and strong south winds which soaked us. Searched the beach from the Bethunes to the inlet and came up empty on any rays / cobia.

Great day on the water!
Pioneer 222 Sportfish
Suzuki DF250 APX


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