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Things to do in cocoa beach

Heading over to spend a couple nights on the beach, from st Pete . Are the blacktips thick ? And any cool must see things, bars, restaraunt or places of interest ? Thanks


  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
    And what are the alcohol laws like at cocoa beach ?
  • DucksterDuckster Posts: 548 Officer
    Been a longtime since I surfed there but always made time for Ron Jons
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,113 AG
    Not sure if Brassys is still open.....
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  • McLauFinMcLauFin Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Plenty of great restraraunts near the port and in the south CB area. Tiny turtle, the smokehouse, and robertos to name a few. A couple new bars have popped up too: twin finnegins and the cocoa beach ale house. Waves might get fun thurs-sat and water is a nice temp upper 60s low 70s. The madness that is coconuts has begun so definatley gonna want to check that out if you want to see spring break in full form. They extended the deck so it actually imreally nice here just your fellow patrons may be having too much fun. All the other tourist stuff is still around and if you haven't been to visitor complex at the space center I highly recommend it as they have added a whole new section for the shuttle. Pretty darn cool!!!!
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  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
    Thank you, I'll try a few of those. I was thinking about throwing some lures, on the beach. And was wondering if I can pull off the CB causeway and fish that part of the intercoastal , or if anybody knew any spots I could mess around w some big jacks ?
  • AlleniAlleni Posts: 344 Deckhand
    Tourist traffic is thick. Cocoa Beach is a small beach town with a ton of dive bars. If you have a beach cruiser it's a good way to bar or restaurant hop (depending where you're staying). No open containers are allowed in the streets or crossovers. Glass containers are prohibited on the beach and so are container over a gallon. If you're are looking to shark fish taking a drive to Sebastian or just driving south to less populated beach is your best bet.
  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
    Awesome feedback , very appreciated
  • DeHavenDeHaven Posts: 253 Officer
    I think preacher bar in Cape Canaveral is worth checking out. The Sandbar has good tacos and gets pretty busy at night.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,613 Captain
    Good thing about C Beach is you can take alcohol on the beach in CANS, no glass. Water is crap in lagoon right now but stinky dead bait might draw a bite.
  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
    thanks for all the suggestions, had a great time and will be back in the near future.
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