Big Game Wahoo Tourney 3/4-5

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Well we had always talked/joked about fishing in one of the Bimini tournaments and actually went for it last weekend. We've never fished any sort of tourney so this was a first. Weather for the crossing was perfect. The Big Game did a great job and we had a blast. We fished appx. 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM with a break in the middle both days. Fishing was not red hot for us but we were able to land 3 wahoo on day #1 and 1 more on the second day along with an unexpected kingfish during our 14 knot high speed troll. We were in the bottom half of the pack but we really were there to have fun more than anything so mission accomplished. Here is a pic of one of the fish which was typical size for the weekend. Top boat I think got like 9 or 10 the first day and 5 the second day. Looking forward to going after the YFT's in a couple of months.


  • kirk_olykirk_oly Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Not sure why the pic uploaded upside down - sorry!
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    Nice work! It's tough to win any tournament. Good to here the event went well. How many boats fished?
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    Total of 8 boats. Not many but hopefully it will grow. The next tourney is coming up soon for billfish followed by a tuna/dolphin tourney I believe late may and then the last one which is again for wahoo in November
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    The billfish tourney would be fun! I like to see these tourneys that aren't geared towards the big money/sponsored crews. Maybe someday but right now it's hard for me to participate since I have to pick my vacation weeks a year in advance. Maybe someday...

    Thanks for the report and pic!
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    Trying to piece together a crew for the Billfish one right now...
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    kirk_oly wrote: »
    Not sure why the pic uploaded upside down - sorry!

    If this was taken with a smart phone, it is because the phone was held 180 degrees incorrectly. I had this problem also. Even after flipping the image it would post on the forum upside down.
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