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Grant - Snag Harbour


I got my boat back from the shop Tuesday so i took it out for a test Wednesday evening and hit snag harbor (directly across from Jorgensen's Landing). There was a lot of bait fish around the little island, the water was pretty dirty still. I worked the mangroves as best I could, since the wind was blowing me off target.( I need to pick up a trolling motor) I was able to catch 2 sail cats which were fun fights and a little trout to end the evening. I was using an electric chicken Mirror Lure to catch all three. Lots of little bites so must have been in a school of small schoolie trout like the one I caught. Some thing hit my DOA shrimp but missed the hook but ripped the tail off. (have to get that one next time)

Sail cat

Little Schoolie Trout


Was a nice evening and boat ran good.


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