42" bull red

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I spent the past week in New Smyrna. I like fishing the outgoing tide so we fished most mornings and some nights around 10pm-3am. We were targeting bigger fish from the surf. The sharks were definitely more active at night. We had several big hits on fresh cut bait. All baits were casted, not kayaked out. It was pretty windy so we used 5-7oz of sinker most of the time.

This big red hit around 1am. Fought her for a while, removed the hook, measured at 42 inches, snapped some pics and released her. It was an amazing catch and I'll never forget it. Made staying up from 10pm-3am several nights worth it.

Not even 10 minutes after we released this redfish we had another hit. I fought it for at least 20 minutes. It fought twice as hard as the redfish and brought me at least 100 yards down the beach. Unfortunately the line broke, I'm almost positive the shark hit it with his tail. I was using 65 lb braid with a 7 foot cable/mono leader. I was very upset losing that fish. I think it was a shark at least 6 feet. I have learned that there is definitely a learning curve to targeting large fish from the beach. But still celebrating after the big red.

We also caught a lot of bluefish from the north side of ponce inlet. We fished from the sand beach west of the north jetty. Also caught a small black drum and a keeper pompano one day when we fished from the beach Cape Canaveral Park. I also added a pic of a nice little lemon shark we caught. Overall a great week of surf fishing!


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