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Anybody else going to miss it if Direct TV and Fox News Corp can't come to an agreement ?


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    I'm on Comcast. So, no.
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    Yes. This does come up with various networks throughout the year. I hope they come to an agreement.
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    There's a few shows on NG that I'll catch once in a while, but I'm more concerned with other channels...FX mainly. I think there's at least 10 shows that I watch out fo the possible cancelled channels. If DTV drops them, I'll be dropping DTV after almost 10 years. Screw them
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    There is a renegotiation of terms every time channel packages are up for renewal contracts. The programmers ask for a price and the program providers like DTV argue for less and eventually they come to an agreement and life goes on and our rates go up a little. Sports interests are always threatening a walkout or whatever in thier fits of brinksmanship leading up to a contract settlement.

    DirecTV is claiming that the programmers want a 40% increase, and the programmers are appealing to the public to put pressure on the negotiations in an effort to get a little bit more in the end.
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    Not as long as Travel Channel is still showing naked pygmies.
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    spinfreak wrote: »
    There's a few shows on NG that I'll catch once in a while...........

    Totally off topic but why has NG become the 'prison show' channel? Seems all they broadcast any more.
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    This could cause me to jump out of a first floor window.
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    Griz wrote: »
    I'm on Comcast. So, no.

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