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Congratulations to Tim Durrance, who is the owner of a new Beretta.

Thanks to all who supported the Winter Raffle.

UW-F is not a "fund raising" organization. A few raffles and events each year help with the costs of the UW-F Web Site and Forums, RINGER NEWS and the E-News and attending meetings across Florida. All UW-F work is done by volunteers.....to help "make duck hunting in Florida better for Florida's duck hunters".....


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    Congratulations to the winner.

    If you have had the raffle that means the winter meeting has come and gone. So, tell us who are the new board members?
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    Chet wrote: »
    Congratulations to the winner.

    If you have had the raffle that means the winter meeting has come and gone. So, tell us who are the new board members?[/QUO Why would you care who the board member are , didn't you get the boot? Sounds like more west coast pot stiring.
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    Maybe it's because he knows they canceled the winter meeting for lack of attendance and have been actively looking for a sucker, I mean volunteer, to become the new president. So far, no takers from what I've heard. That is IF you believe the rumor mill...
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    I just wanted to congratulate the new president. It sounds like your reading way to deep into my inquiry. And UWF is a public organization. Plus its the internet. You can't ban any one. All you have to do is use a proxy IP.

    And why the shot at west coast duck hunters. UWF is making duck hunting better for Florida duck hunters. ALL Florida duck hunters.
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    UW-F has always had the Winter Meeting during duck season....some Members asked we try to hold the meeting after the season.....We tried.....not enough interest to have a formal meeting on the date in late February we proposed....It seems the "old way is the best way" and we will return to that concept next year. Meanwhile the Board is functioning with items needing attention on the Board of Directors Page on the UW-F forums and we are looking to do a Membership meeting as well at a later date as more of a social event....UW-F is definitely like all other volunteer groups....the 95%/5% ration applies....5% do all the work....That is not a bad thing....most people just want to be Members and help with their donations...and those important e-mails and phone calls to the bureaucrats and agencies when we need them on issues. We are trying not to simply "pass around" the officer positions .....but, that may be necessary from time to time.....Meanwhile, UW-F is doing well and continuing the Mission to: "Make duck hunting in Florida better for Florida's duck hunters"....

    I might add, we were coming off of a very successful UW-F
    Annual Banquet held in January in Winter Park and two such events so close together with the travel involved to attend could have been a bit too much.....We added thirty new Members at the Banquet....We will probably best have the Banquet before season in the Fall...and keep the Winter Meeting in January as before...That worked well last year.
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