Some more of my son and my father...3 generations of turkey hunters.

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Story is in hunting section...

Any suggestions on anything?

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    Precious. Absolutely precious. See? Bein the girl around here does have its advantages once every 5 years. I can say things like that. PRECIOUS. Love the last one. You did a nice job with these. Since you asked for suggestions, I will give you my .02 cents. Love the lighting on the first image. You followed the rule of thirds, its level, and not overdone. A+ The second image is a heart grabber. The boy is proud because of the feather he found, or was given. Sharp, well lit, and softly telling us the story. You captured the emotion wonderfully. A+ Number 3 tells the story of the whole trip. A++ because of the emotion, and tone. Number 4 is good. It would have been great if that pesky limb was not detracting from the boy, B+. Last and the showstopper, is number 5. Since we know the story and whats going on, its ok that you were in a bit too close, closing out your dads gun and your sons back. If you cropped it, let it breathe a bit. If you shot it this way, its cool. The series gets an A+. *clapping*

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    This to me says it all. Granddad, you're BS'ing again, but I love you anyway!

    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
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    Thanks for the critiquing and finally a female perspective...:)

    Thanks Menzies!
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    I would print the one of them walking away from you and frame it.
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    Great images for sure!
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