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Marco Sat Mar 5 Nothin' Special

Out of Caxambas Pass Saturday. Water temp 68.4 and looked like coffee. Everywhere I went had 6-12" visibility. Went looking for lady fish to chunk for redfish. Got a couple and went to a previously productive spot. Nothing. Into the Morgan River and came up with a trout @ 15-1/2 on a yo-zuri, a 14" silver trout (you zuri) and a 17" trout on shrimp/popping cork. Beyond that, the usual jacks, either hand size or 4 pounds. Lady fish either 12" or 2-feet long. 1 mango and to finish the trash can slam, 1 catfish.

Water did manage to improve to 70.4. Beach was better clarity once the tide shifted. Could see down 18" but 2-3 foot rollers made getting to the trough a wee bit difficult.

Will be out Sunday am with the time change. Windy all week so I don't expect water clarity to improve. Oh well. Just trying to go out and coax some piscatorial creatures into a free boat ride!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • JehutyJehuty Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    I had a similar day on Saturday, although I was a bit South of you. I found some decent water clarity, but just couldn't find the fish all day. I saw a few fish being cleaned at the ramp, but most of it was from a couple of boats that went offshore.
  • tg.tg. Posts: 124 Deckhand
    I was out on the 2nd. The glass smooth day. Tarpon were all over the bay, but not rolling or blasting. You could see them swimming. 30" triple but couldn't get him in the boat....damned 15# test leader! Couldn't find anything else except some big Sheeps in the incoming current just beachside Blind Pass.
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