Card Sound Advice

Thinking about kayak fishing around the card sound area near the bridge and cuts in the area. Anyone have advice or tips for anyone that has fished that area? Also I know arsenicker key is kinda far from card sound but has anyone kayaked that area and have any advice? Is making the time to paddle out there doable and worth it?


  • p914p914 Posts: 492 Deckhand
    Never fished it but that whole area going to the toll bridge looks totally fishy. Plenty of spots to drop in on the road. The tip of the sound has a lot of fishable water. Take a look at google earth and zoom to find cuts and underwater terrain with satellite view. Go with the tides and moving water.
  • Lead slingerLead slinger Posts: 449 Officer
    Lots of good cuts due east of the lower power plant canal. Dropping at the bridge makes a long paddle in winds like today, it sucked. Look around and you'll see other places.

    Just be careful in the late afternoon, some boats run back in through there wide open.
  • matthewasunmatthewasun Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    thanks for the advice guys i appreciate it i will definitely look more into it
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain
    I fished that area a lot ten years ago, especially against the mangroves in the Northeast corner of Barnes Sound. It can be really good for Snook against the shore, Tarpon in the creeks and Trout in the more open areas. The NE corner where the eastern shore turns to the SW was a great place to score bait.

    Near that same spot my brother, his grandson and I got on a stand of trout that were balled up in one area. We finally anchored and just hauled them in until we finally grew tired of catching them. They were killing the mullet and every once in a while big Cuda would blow the whole thing up. It was windy, rainy off and on and the water was turbid. It was an epic day. That area is normally very clear water and I went back a few days later to look at the spot and there was slight depression about 35 feet across. I guess that's what was holding them. It's a great fishing hole.
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