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CK offshore 2-21-16

After a late start we arrived at our grouper # in 50 ft. The first drop of Popsicles produced a double header of red snapper. I've fished these #s for several years and have never caught red snapper here. Actually I haven't caught them shallower than about 70 ft on this side. So we were very surprised. After a dozen or so of these 12" to 16" snapper we had to break out the whole mullet to get past the cloud of snaps. First bait was immediately smashed by a large hungry gag. Every bait we dropped was eaten. Small bait red snapper, large bait large gags. These are grouper #s so the gags weren't a surprise, but, the lack of red grouper was. We usually sort through many short red grouper to get our quota of legals. Not 1 red grouper. We moved out to try to change things up. Our next stop was 64 ft. I felt as if we were in the Atlantic, red snapper everywhere. Once again snapper and gags. So after an afternoon of great rod bending action we went home with one fish we could keep. Great to see the fishing improved,. Thought I'd share since I've been reading posts for many years.


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