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Yankeetown 2/29

Teacher had jury duty today so I decided to take advantage of it and go fish. Boy was that a good idea! Went out to a not so high tide and fished some super clean water. Got to the ramp just as it was getting a little light so I started throwing topwater. Had a couple blowups but nothing committed to it. Sun got up a little bit so I decided to go fish some flats with the long rod. Sunlight was an issue all day with the high cloud cover crap we had today. I put the fly rod down and traded my step dad the push pole and started pushing the boat. Sun came out them and he was able to sight fish a beautiful overslot fish. He hit stuck that fish and about 5 more took off down the flat so I decided to trade him the push pole again picked up the fly rod. Well wouldn't you know the sunlight went away. We poled for about 45 minutes and spooked several fish because we couldn't see them. Well, with the low water we had we decided to throw a Hail Mary and just keep going the way we were instead of leaving to go home. Boy did that pay off. Ended up fishing a way I haven't done much over here. Sun went away, but the tails came up. I've never seen fish tail like this over here. Saw 6-7 different fish tailing in the same area, and tailing hard. Most of their tail out of the water and almost flopping over. I was about to take a shot when one red came over top of 2 of them and ate something. They swam off and started tailing again so we ran them down. Went to go make a shot and wouldn't you know. Buck fever happened. I COMPLETELY whiffed. I think I hit him in the head with the fly line? Not sure. He spooked and I thought for sure I had blown my shot at a fish for the day. Nope. Start moving around some more and had one laid up not moving. Beautiful shot, followed the fly and almost ate it, but peeled off at the last second. Again, I thought my shots were done for the day. Nope again. More tails came up, got the fish in range, and I hit him on the head :banghead:banghead That was the last chance I had at a tailing fish. They tailed for probably an hour to an hour and a half. Sunlight and wind made sight fishing a little tough but do-able. Since I had to work we decided to come back early unfortunately. Will likely be skipping class later this week to go again and try to throw more flies. Not super confident with my fly choice. Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this weather soon!


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