Tarpon 2011 Boca Grande Recap....

Well, my Boca Grande adventures are officially over and the boat is back home. Needs to be cleaned and put back on the lift for some action up here.

Overall, the tarpon fishing was actually dissapointing. We managed but nothing like past years.

The first weekend was more of a boys party weekend but we did get a few interesting fish. Biggest permit I have ever caught, another really nice permit, we got cobia, we got grouper, a big bull red, we even got taken to the woodshed by a jewfish a few times. We managed probably 10 tarpon hookups when we hit the pass but really just having a good time with the fellas was the goal of the weekend and that we did.

The second weekend was a family weekend with friends. Didn't do much tarpon fishing at all that weekend but did hit the inshore reefs and killed the grouper and the ever present jewfish kicked our butt a few times as well. But got the little guys reeling in some grouper and we had a great time.

The third weekend was the big fishing weekend. Theoretically the crab flush should have been rocking and I had an experienced crew that were going to hit it hard for 5 days. Well, we hit it hard but the fish did not cooperate. The flush never happened at all and the jig bite was less than stellar. Only averaging 2 hookups a day.

We did manage to salvage this last weekend of the year. Fish were in general done by 11:00 or 12:00 each day but we were getting at least 3 on a day by then and back home to relax on the beach with good friends and cold drinks and I will say that I was somehow overserved every day. We even managed to land one of the jewfish that was schooling us, even though it was a small one, it was a victory...

Now for the good stuff. Didn't get many fish pictures but I think you will appreciate my crews picture taking prowess....


Tight Lines
In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013


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