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Costa Rican Ceviche'

I recently had a friend call me up and ask for a recipe from a mate on the boat I fish on in Jaco.... so I thought I would share it to all...


fresh white fish (trigger, wahoo, snapper, flounder, Rooster) 2 #
Limes (squeezed for juice to cook fish) 1doz
roma tomatoes (diced 1/4" and drained) 12
cilantro chopped fine 1 bunch
green peppers - fine dice 2 ea.
red onions - fine dice 1.50
olive oil 5 tbsp
sea salt 1 tbsp
black pepper 2 tsp
minced fresh garlic 3 tbsp
fresca 1/4 cup

cut fish into 3/4" pieces and add lime juice to cook the fish
mix all other ingredients in a second s/s mixing bowl and refrig
test the fish, make sure it is cook thouroughly
once fish is cooked mix all ingredients in one bowl
make sure colors are even throughout

fine dice a fresh mango for garnish

serve up with Captains Wafers and YUM YUM....



  • trousertroutmantrousertroutman Posts: 1,363 Officer
    this looks great, I am about to try ceviche for the first time....is fresca the drink, or a type of cheese?
    also I have read conflicting opinions on the cook time in the citrus about how long do you do, and then do you drain excess juice before mixing with other ingredients?
    Make the forum great again.....consolidate general fishing with for sale or business but keep reports separate!
  • RPMRPM Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    This is about how I do mine. Never tried the Fresca drink though?

    I use jalapeño instead of the green pepper
    and add to the above:
    1 Cucumber cubed
    1 Avocado cubed (the best part!)

    I also like to use maybe 4 limes, 1 lemon, and 1 small Orange. The mix of citrus is really good I think, some of the local ceviche places in Miami do this..
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