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P C 2/28

Headed out for a long, cold, and very wet ride Sunday. Tonytali's report was the only direction we had to go on. Thank you Tony. He did well deep so we went deep. Saw almost no weeds or flying fish the entire day but did find warmer blue water around 800ft. First knock down was a silky shark on a stretch 20. We had a handful of short strikes- I dropped the bait back on one and was able to get him to hit it again putting our first fish in the boat. After that we stayed pretty steady. Every time I opened a beer or tried to eat a pole would get bent.We boated 10. They hit naked, chin weighted, pink rattle jet and, pink bubbler. We had a live well full of finger mullet, spinning reels, and chum ready that accounted for 5 of the 10 we boated. The ride home was really nice once we got inside of the cones20160228_183327.jpeg


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