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ponce inlet sunday

Hadn't fished central east in awhile, usually west central guys but had some buddies in Daytona wanting to go fishing with some recent success who needed a boat ride. Real sloppy and cold on the ride out but after 1.5 hr beating we arrived with another buddy and his crew. The temp warmed and the seas laid down nice. Bite was on from the start and steady till we left. Never fished this spot before but it was obviously no secret since at least 7 other boats rolled right in on top of us, two of which managed to hook our jug. Had a giant cuda stalking us for awhile eating our fish so we powered up and cruised by the other boats who came in on us and dropped him off on their boat, lol. Kinda dickesh moves but we were all catching fish so no big deal. Our boats limited on some nice vermilion, prorgies, as well as some released ARS and few other variety fish. Had a real nice cobia eat my snapper at the surface but he hit the tackled down rod,20lb floro rod and busted off before I could get the drag loosened enough. Saw some huge rays, 10-15 across early made some blind casts but it was too early see if any cobia We're on them. Drank some beer, caught some quality vermilion, spent a Sunday on the water, we hate land, was a good day, plus had Monday off.


  • GneFshnGneFshn Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    If the big boys are not cooperating, time to fill some groceries :). Beeliners and porgys certainly do well on the table. No triggers?
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