Miamimuttonman Reef Fishing Report key largo bite is hot

I have been waiting for a weather window, to hit the reef and thought I had one, this Saturday, but predictions were not on point.
I went out in a Sea Cat 28, nice ride but the wind, was supposed to be south at 13 and dropping and that was not the case, as we headed out it started picking up and white caps developed, by the time we got to the spot. One of my customers was pale, by the time we anchored he was vomiting and he was wearing a patch. The seas where a steady 3 to 5 and south east to south wind, some waves pounded the gunnel splashing inside. We started fishing, I wanted to start catching back to back tails so my customers would stay busy and not mind the waves, but the tails never showed and we did hook a hand full, but half got taken by cudas. I put two guys on the bottom and one had two nice fish coming up and the hook pulled, the other, got a keeper mutton and a nice mangrove snapper. With a good north flowing current, the bite was hot we kept at it, for another half hour and caught and released 3 black grouper, that were well over slot. I decided to move to another spot 3 miles away, so we got on the way slicing through the chop with the cat hull, keeping us from bouncing much. We get to the next spot anchored in 60 ft and started the chum again and this time, I found the tail ball, they came up close and these guys started to catch as planned, the guy that was sick was feeling better and kept fishing, he grabbed a bottom rod and pulled up three more black groupers and lost some fish, he could not turn, he also released a Nassau grouper. On the other side we had a couple more blacks including one I caught, when they asked me to give it a try, That made a total of 8 blacks released and only one was under slot, shows the closing is working in bringing up the stocks. We ended up with 37 tails one mutton and one mangrove. tight lines to allIMG_4791_zpscxzrbo8l.jpgIMG_1243_zpstatvuluo.jpgIMG_1333_zpsnp5lw3eb.jpgIMG_1335_zps86xycfup.jpgIMG_1338_zps5eb1dprb.jpgIMG_1344_zpsjnz442tb.jpg


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