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PC offshore 2/28

Got out to one of the popular PC kingfish spots around 8. Missed two nice fish off the planers early. Snapped the #4 wire both times. One of them had to be a whoo as it peeled line continuously until I was forced to gradually tighten the drag just before getting spooled. Sure enough....pop. I was sick. I have never had a fish run that hard and continuously. I think next time I will go with #9 wire early and then switch back mid-morning to the thinner gauge.

About 10 the bite started to heat up for the kings. Boated 4 snakes and 1 decent sized fish. Lost a couple more. Had another nice strike on the surface. He dove deep and under the boat, but before cutting himself off on the prop he was nice enough to pick up our planner line and drag it into the prop, too. What a mess. As one of the guys was over the side cutting the prop free we helplessly drifted 30 yds by a boat fighting two fish...both sharks. We got some nice pics of them releasing the fish but didn't show our prop guy until later. :wink

About 12 the bite petered out. There was no pattern to the bites...they hit flat lines, planner lines, naked cigars, cigars with dusters and every time we brought in the shotgun line we'd find a ravaged, short-striked ballyhoo. The only discernable pattern was that EVERY strike we had (fish we boated and fish we missed) occurred when we were trolling North. Tried to keep the speed over water the same no matter which direction we were going so the only thing I can think is that maybe the sun being behind the bait helped. That's how Josie Wales did it.


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